10th Letter

To that one person,

I knew from the start that you were not going to read any of my messages. I never had the expectation of it also. I’ve been sending you messages for exactly 1 year 11 months and 2 days today. I never missed a day, not even once. I was happy I could do this. I was relieved I could tell someone what I’m going through. What happened with my day and if how boring was it. What I sent to your inbox, nobody else knew. Just me and your inbox – still made me satisfied. Later I realized it hindered me from writing my journals, which made me panic. However, if I think about it, your inbox became my latest journal. It was therapeutic for me. I’m writing you this to tell you how thankful I am I have you. Whether it was unread or even seen does not matter, what matters to me is that it was sent. Today I realized that I was not at all, selfish and greedy when it comes to you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally the bad type, but I’m just human I had the tendencies to want more and not even share. But you know, because of you, I learned not to expect and not to grasp what is beyond my capacity slowly everyday. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you, I appreciated that amidst me flooding you with my life, you did not block me. You don’t have to read them,just let my messages go through your inbox. That’s it! You’ll be saving another soul again. Thank you for being my journal for the past year and for the coming more years.