7th letter

To that one person, I saw your post. I feel like you were directly talking to me, telling me that indeed you are having a day. That you are comfortable as well and eating well too. Although it’s just a feeling that your post was indirectly telling me you are okay still I am thankful….


Everyone has a right to that kind of privacy.😍

Last day of my 3 day quote challenge

Yeah you read it right, today is the 3rd day of my challenge, the last day actually!😃 This challenge may not be that interesting for others but it is to me. It gave me reason to dig up the quotes I lived by when I was younger and to remember those I have been holding…

3-day quote challenge

Good morning everyone! Today is the 2nd day of my 3 day quote challenge. For today, I’ll be choosing quotes from my favourite author – Paulo Coelho. I find this challenge awesomely interestingbecause quotes are something we inspire our daily lives with, isn’t it? And it’s a chance for those being nominated to share their…

3-day Quote Challenge

Today I am nominated to do a very awesome challenge. I feel so thankful that Josh thought of nominating me. We just connected very recently and I find his blog title cute Chai & Biscuits – Mad for each other! (Really!😁). I find this challenge awesomely interesting😍 because quotes are something we inspire our daily lives with,…