No Expectations

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Presumed guilty before proven innocent the unwilling participant Assume the best and prepare for the worst Expectation costs nothing but disappointment hurts © Kait King, 2015

7th letter

To that one person, I saw your post. I feel like you were directly talking to me, telling me that indeed you are having a day. That you are comfortable as well and eating well too. Although it’s just a feeling that your post was indirectly telling me you are okay still I am thankful….


Everyone has a right to that kind of privacy.😍

6th letter

To that one person, I know you may not be able to read this. But hoping that among the millions of people, this can make its way to you. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this battle. I know you are sad and down, so I won’t tell…

5th letter

To that one person, I have been wondering what is it that you love to do lately. Have you been cooking for yourself? Have you been checking out the latest trends of artworks? I just missed hearing news about you. Emptiness came fast approaching every time I try to find out what exactly is happening…

1st Letter

  To that one person who inspired me the most, Hi! I am Kaze from somewhere in Asia and we haven’t met. Because you are someone in the limelight that’s why I know you and I am just so ordinary and that does not matter at all. I’m aware not everyone is comfortable to receive…

Rise Again

Often times, without warning, disaster strikes our lives, putting our abilities to endure. And recover from the aftermath of this crisis. But what is important is our capacities to persevere to rise again. When we fall to continue our pursuits even if the odds are against us. We become better persons when we do so….

3-day Quote Challenge

Today I am nominated to do a very awesome challenge. I feel so thankful that Josh thought of nominating me. We just connected very recently and I find his blog title cute Chai & Biscuits – Mad for each other! (Really!😁). I find this challenge awesomely interesting😍 because quotes are something we inspire our daily lives with,…

BIGBANG Lessons in Life # 1

I once said, it’s fine not to dream, no one could give me what I want anyways. Well, that changed! And yes, nobody could grant me my dreams but myself. These beautiful lads had 10 times more than my hardships, but they never ceased dreaming. Of course they worked hard for it, with tears and…