Welcome back T.O.P.

It’s been quite sometime that I didn’t talk about T.O.P. Those times I wasn’t able to write about him, I was hurting. I was feeling his pain ( I might sound uncanny, but it’s for real) I was going through devastation as well when I heard all different sort of versions of stories of his scandals. I watched every interview clip and read every article that talks about him. It was not a pretty sight to see in the feed of your social networking sites; it was a sore in the eye. Still it didn’t make me hate him, besides he had always been an inspiration for me. His mistakes does not define him – I’ve been whispering this to myself. After all he’s just a human being. He falls and someone will pick him up and make him stand on his feet again.

That day has come, last July 6, 2019 Choi Seung Hyun screen name T.O.P. finished his military mandatory service. Instead of just meeting the V.I.P.’s (bigbang’s fandom name) outside the entranceof themuseum he served, T.O.P. met his fans somewhere not even themedia knows. There he greeted and shook the hands ofalmost all V.I.P.’s that are present. This meeting is very important for both of them, the idol andthe fans. They are just showing that both parties trust each other somuch that amidst all the issues their bond wasnever broken. I’m proudof you T.O.P.

In an emotional IG post dated July 7, 2019 T.O.P. stated how thankful he is for the unwavering love of his fans through all the years.

We know that you didn’t want to hurt us also, we truly understand. Our deepest gratitude also for coming back to us. We are so proud of you and we the V.I.P.’s love you always.We will wait for the day that the 5 of you will be together again.