13th Letter

To That One Person,

I missed you, I’m missing you, I’ll miss you.

I miss you more today than any other days.


That’s what my pretty side would say…

But my real side would just say:

Come out now!! Let me see that face of yours!😁

If God allows me to meet you, the first thing I’ll do is hit you at the back of your head and tell you.

How dare you make me worry this much. Behave so I can rest.☺️

See you the soonest.


12th Letter

To That One Person,

I’ve been into journaling for more than a decade now, but that’s on and off. But most of my days are recorded as I am unstable in many ways and I needed that. My mouth speaks words my mind does not say, words my heart does not feel – they are all incoherent.

Pretentious, dishonest and a hypocrite. Words that people describe me all my life. Am I affected? Yes of course I am. If they aren’t true, why am I affected? This I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s true or not. I wear my feelings on my sleeves – this is being pretentious. I tell you what I like about you before I tell you what are those that I don’t – this is dishonest. I am okay even if I am not – this is hypocrisy.

My constant question is – is it just me?

Why am I telling you this?πŸ€” I don’t know honestly.