Her Journey

She walked through the path of loveUnguarded and flew like the dove;She was the happiest at this timeInnocent, not knowing of the landmineGave her everything upIn the end, she was left like a pup. © 2019 KazeLeeG

For Mier

Your heart – I can feel it. Let sadness whip you now, because if you wont give it a chance, being truly happy wouldn’t be possible.. Cry, cry out loud, feel bad and totally sad. Then later when you’re done, congratulate yourself saying – finally I’m over them.

11th Letter

To that one person, How was your weekend? Me? It was a hectic one. First thing, I spent money wherein I shouldn’t, because I’m not earning nowadays. Then I ditched an old friend on her special day – she got mad obviously; so she wanted me to cope up with what I did and told…

Welcome back T.O.P.

It’s been quite sometime that I didn’t talk about T.O.P. Those times I wasn’t able to write about him, I was hurting. I was feeling his pain ( I might sound uncanny, but it’s for real) I was going through devastation as well when I heard all different sort of versions of stories of his…


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10th Letter

To that one person, I knew from the start that you were not going to read any of my messages. I never had the expectation of it also. I’ve been sending you messages for exactly 1 year 11 months and 2 days today. I never missed a day, not even once. I was happy I…

No Expectations

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Presumed guilty before proven innocent the unwilling participant Assume the best and prepare for the worst Expectation costs nothing but disappointment hurts © Kait King, 2015