12th Letter

To That One Person,

I’ve been into journaling for more than a decade now, but that’s on and off. But most of my days are recorded as I am unstable in many ways and I needed that. My mouth speaks words my mind does not say, words my heart does not feel – they are all incoherent.

Pretentious, dishonest and a hypocrite. Words that people describe me all my life. Am I affected? Yes of course I am. If they aren’t true, why am I affected? This I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s true or not. I wear my feelings on my sleeves – this is being pretentious. I tell you what I like about you before I tell you what are those that I don’t – this is dishonest. I am okay even if I am not – this is hypocrisy.

My constant question is – is it just me?

Why am I telling you this?πŸ€” I don’t know honestly.



  1. I’m sorry, it sounds like you’ve been subjected to emotional abuse. I have a nearby friend who has been told a lot of things like this all her life because of narcissistic abuse, but they are the opposite of who she is. πŸ’™

    You were my first follower and it’s great to see you writing again.

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    1. kazelee28 says:

      Hi Robin! I am glad to hear from you. It was comforting to know someone is there.😊

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