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Impossible Love

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You’re sitting next to me, 

Just an inch apart

Exchanging glances,

And hidden smiles

It’s too heartbreaking

You can’t be mine

But still I hope for the impossible love.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.

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Who Am I?

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I looked in the mirror and found out that I was looking to a faceless woman. Did I become like this because I forgot who am I? Or because I am really a nobody? Did I forget who I am because I was busy looking after who you should be?

I’ve been bugged by these questions. Will I actually know who I am if I let you go? What will I do now? Is self time and importance a must?


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Trying Hard: Plan A, Epic Fail!

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Haha😅 Trying hard to laugh out what’s inside of me. I really had no reason to laugh, even big time comedy shows and movies are tear jerkers. But I wanted to try, because I wanted to lighten up the burden. I sat down and tried to remember every single memory that made me burst into laughter in the past, then I caught one.

It was a memory of me and him eating at Dunkin Donuts somewhere downtown, it was bavarian filled donut he was munching when he laughed suddenly for no reason and the ecru colored filling started to drip out of his mouth looking like a coughed out phlegm (disgusting!😁) and the persons adjacent to our table saw it, and they were like..EEWW!😨 (big time!) then I bursted into laughter that I had hard time catching my breath and my eyes were already wet of tears (tears of laughter!😍), he was like.. hey! Stop it! You’re embarassing me.. haha😅😂 Hilarious!

Now that I caught that one memory I’m trying so hard to laugh about it. I laughed so hard, thinking wow! it’s working. But a minute later I found myself crying so hard, so hard that caused my chest to tighten. The only memory that would make me laugh when I think of it is now what triggers all the pain I’ve been containing all by myself. Epic fail! Why can’t I just smile and laugh without feeling all the pain? Ah.. maybe because I haven’t embraced acceptance yet. I just can’t and I think I won’t.😭


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Wanting to be Alone


I want to be alone!(so sad😵 I can’t!) Not because I’m lonely but I just needed time for myself(I really do!😢). We all need this at some point in our lives. To listen to what we can’t hear when we are with everybody else. I needed this, to find tranquility and heal myself in silence.

To those who feel pressured at something or by someone (like me!), take a break! (Please do if you can😉) Take one step back and relax. All will be well at its own time (I believe this. It will!). Have a good day friends😘



Only in my Heart



You’re settled now

With a bride and a vow

I’m committed too

To a man who is true

Did we agree to end things this way?

Not to see each other and stay far away

When I look back to our years together

I linger to the memory I gather

When things became this worse          

I lost my only friend in a curse

Whenever our eyes meet                        

My heart tends to raise its beat

Only in my heart                                            

I kept your warmth

Only in my heart

I kept the pain of being apart

Only in my heart    

I hoped in your life I could take part.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.

Artwork by: Yaniyan2