And then I Met You

My life is simple. It’s just all about food and cable. Routinary. Nothing much outside the ordinary. Everything’s planned. Nothing else mattered, but the steps of the plan. And then I met you; The drift changed. Life became fun and an adventure. Less of the plans and the pressure.   © 2016 KazeLeeG. Photo Credit:…

Soup No. 8

This bowl of soup we shared on a cold night. The only witness to our fight. The soup that’s patiently boiled in medium heat. Like my heart enduringly waiting to calm its every beat. Soup No. 8 The only spectator to that love hate.   ©KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: To its rightful owner

Crazy Mad for K-pop

I’ve been a fan since k-pop started. I really love their music. The arrangement and the lyrics (with subtitles of course!). Every time I listen to K-pop songs, I feel elated (for real!😁). Especially the songs of my most loved K-pop group, Big Bang (😍). I can feel the emotions their songs are sending.  And…

Stay Strong, Please?

I’m not sure what your feelings are. All I know is the news today was devastating for you. You may have replied you are fine. But I know what’s behind that line. You may have been rejected a few times. But please don’t forget you have me during those fights. Let me remind you, your…

Those I Need

I’ve come to realize That the only person I need in my life Are the persons Who need me In their lives too Even if I don’t have Anything To offer but myself.   ©KazeLeeG.


Exhausted But still wide awake. Drained But still moving. Thoughts are running, Chasing dreams away. Remained awake Till everybody wakes. Insomnia, Give me a break. I’ll do whatever it takes.   ©KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: @choi_seung_hyun_tttop      

Stroke of Luck

  If I got what I wanted, I wouldn’t be able To meet you. I wouldn’t experience How tough life can be; And how impressive It is too. Whatever it is, I still find myself lucky That I met you.   ©KazeLeeG.  

I’m not Okay

I feel different when You are not around I feel abandoned when You just walk out. I’m nice and patient enough To understand your doings. But I have my limitations, I’m telling you This is not okay I’m not okay. © 2016 KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: T.O.P. @choi_seung_hyun_ttop      

Kill Joy

Don’t ruin the night; please! It’s one of a kind; Allow me to to have fun. I know you are irritated;  It’s because of how I am acting now; But please it’s not all the time. Don’t ruin the night,  I request you to please make tonight a possibility, And I would thank you for…