Month: January 2016

And then I Met You


My life is simple.

It’s just all about food and cable.


Nothing much outside the ordinary.

Everything’s planned.

Nothing else mattered, but the steps of the plan.

And then I met you;

The drift changed.

Life became fun and an adventure.

Less of the plans and the pressure.


© 2016 KazeLeeG.

Photo Credit: T.O.P.

Soup No. 8

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This bowl of soup we shared on a cold night.

The only witness to our fight.

The soup that’s patiently boiled in medium heat.

Like my heart enduringly waiting to calm its every beat.

Soup No. 8

The only spectator to that love hate.



Photo Credit: To its rightful owner

Stay Strong, Please?


I’m not sure what your feelings are.

All I know is the news today was devastating for you.

You may have replied you are fine.

But I know what’s behind that line.

You may have been rejected a few times.

But please don’t forget you have me during those fights.

Let me remind you, your existence made the possibility of my life.

Whatever it is that’s hurting you now, let it go.

For letting go will allow you to move forward.

You may have lost a few, but we who remained are true.

Prayers are words spoken to God, talk to Him and He’ll do the rest.

Don’t waver, for you are the pillar of my strength.

With your presence I survived.

Please stay strong,





Photo Credit: To their rightful owner.





But still wide awake.


But still moving.

Thoughts are running,

Chasing dreams away.

Remained awake

Till everybody wakes.


Give me a break.

I’ll do whatever it takes.



Photo Credit: @choi_seung_hyun_tttop