7th letter

To that one person, I saw your post. I feel like you were directly talking to me, telling me that indeed you are having a day. That you are comfortable as well and eating well too. Although it’s just a feeling that your post was indirectly telling me you are okay still I am thankful….


Everyone has a right to that kind of privacy.😍

4th letter

To that one person, I was delayed in sending you my 4th letter. I am hoping you waited for it and somehow felt lacking because you were not able to receive anything from me. The past day had been tough for me, I was spacing out recently because my mind have so much that it…

3rd letter

To that one person, It’s me again. What are you doing right now? I hope you are enjoying your free time very well. I know you are not used in having so much free time at hand, but I think instead of worrying so much, you just better enjoy it while it lasts. Sometimes because…


I walk along the shores of different beaches, feeling each grain of sand under my feet. Embracing the warmth of the sun’s beautiful rays. Allowing the wind to tangle my hair in each strong blow. Letting myself go along every movement they make. In each step I take, I allow the waves to kiss my…