In our lifetime, we build many castles, from sand castles to mansions we call our homes. They all have a general purpose; to safeguard, comfort and protect ourselves and those we love. But the best castle we should be building is the castle in our hearts. Where we can cherish and protect the memories and…

Love starts with Yourself

Love starts with yourself. You can’t love others if loving yourself is a difficulty. © 2016 KazeLeeG.

Wealth Can’t buy my Love

Even if I’m broke, still Love isn’t for sale. You won’t be able to call me yours even with all your worth. © 2016 KazeLeeG.      

Behind that Smile

Sometimes what’s in the outside is not really what’s waiting for us inside. We should be sensitive enough to feel what the other person is going through.  Sometimes it’s not easy for them to speak up. But by letting them feel that we understand through our silence, it’s more than enough. Have a great day!…

Those I Need

I’ve come to realize That the only person I need in my life Are the persons Who need me In their lives too Even if I don’t have Anything To offer but myself.   ©KazeLeeG.