10th Letter

To that one person, I knew from the start that you were not going to read any of my messages. I never had the expectation of it also. I’ve been sending you messages for exactly 1 year 11 months and 2 days today. I never missed a day, not even once. I was happy I…

Wheel of Life

Most often than not, the path through life holds many uncertainties, disappointments and pain. But equally, it also holds love, laughter and happiness. Hence it is up to you to provide the balance, wherein which would prevail. For your life is largely under your control and directions steered by yourself. © 2016 KazeLeeG. Photo Source:…

Rise Again

Often times, without warning, disaster strikes our lives, putting our abilities to endure. And recover from the aftermath of this crisis. But what is important is our capacities to persevere to rise again. When we fall to continue our pursuits even if the odds are against us. We become better persons when we do so….


  I have traveled far and wide in my lifetime Seen faces and places beyond my share But of all the people I’ve met;  You have lingered the most in my memory; For everywhere I went I miss your presence. And in every person I meet, there is a comparison of you You are by…

Liebster Award: 2016

I would like to start this post by apologizing, that it took me this long to actually give attention to this sweet nomination I received. I would like to thank Carmen of CATULLUS&ALIGHIERI  who nominated me for this Award. I greatly appreciate the warm compliment given to my blog.  You’ll find the rules for this nomination at…

Life and its Surprise

Life is indeed full of surprises. We sometimes receive the best of what we expect at our worst situations. © 2015 KazeLeeG.

God, Thank You!

Good morning guys!💞💋😘 Be thankful today.   -KazeLeeG.-

Still I’m Lonely

Being together is not enough. Please give time to care and put words into action. I’m with you, I love you and you love me, still it makes me feel lonely.😞😢 © 2016 KazeLeeG.