A Drop of Water

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I am a drop of water in a long lasting cycle. I travel from lake to sky, from sky to lake. I drop down on the heads of people from above. I can evoke sadness or joy. Cause a grown up to cry and a child to laugh. I am the…


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“Glassblower” by Gudrun Alvebro ? mutation of sand transformation by furious purgative fire eradicates traces the granular moral impurities rids the regrettable footprints that told all the world of past journeys ill taken and now best forgotten while leaving in place of lamentable days a new sparkling clean vessel…


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? Despite signs banning Photos of concert performers People WILL blind the band Just to be able to Instagram Showing their followers Where they are In the NOW moment… ? © 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) IMAGE: lilyhibberd.com blinded by the light