BIGBANG – it’s not just the music, but their stories. The members have their own stories to tell. Stories of both failure and success. They are inspirations for the young aspirants of today’s new generation. They are boys in skinny jeans, heavy eyeliner and with vivacious choreography. When we see them, we know it’s K-Pop. Many westerners and those from other sides of the globe think that Korea’s mainstream music genre is tacky and mushy, especially people from my country. They just didn’t realize that K-Pop is one factor of Korea’s transformation. This industry is boosting Korea’s economy in plenty ways, not just one. Tourism. Food. Education. Culture. And BIGBANG is one of the most influential K-Pop group that called the attention of many from different continents.

Watch out for their Hunan TV New Year’s Eve Concert to be held in Beijing National Stadium which will be aired all over China and is the official representative of New Year’s Special Countdown which will be watched by 1.1 billion viewers on December 31st. Lets continue in supporting them.


The Carefree

I walk along the shores of different beaches,

feeling each grain of sand under my feet.

Embracing the warmth of the sun’s

beautiful rays.

Allowing the wind to tangle

my hair in each strong blow.

Letting myself go along

every movement they make.

In each step I take, I allow the waves

to kiss my toes as they drop by the shore.

Inhale. Exhale.

The wonders of being carefree,

along with the wind, the sun and the waves.

I let them take away every worry I carry.

And that my load becomes light and I’m free.

Hearing nothing else but the sound of

my breathing and their movements.

Then I’m relieved.



Source: T.O.P. @choi_seung_hyun_tttop


Alone, I wake up to a brand new day.
I sit on the dining table and eat.
I walk in circles in the house.
I listened to classical music that made me cry.
Alone, my tears fell.
I cried my heart out.
I shouted for help, but nobody came.
Alone, I pampered and comforted myself.
I watched the ceiling as I turned off the lights.
I let myself fall to sleep in the darkness of the room.
Alone, I allowed my thoughts to kill me.
And share the misery of sleepless nights to myself.
The cycle never ends; I’m always left alone and in pain.

T.O.P. and GDragon: Triggered My Manic Episode



Smoking is a habit I quitted years ago. I quit because of health reasons, not because I wanted to. I started smoking in middle school, and I like it because I thought it looks cool. Since the day I decided to stop sucking the smoke out of that cigarette butt, I started to hate every single bit of its existence. The smell, the smoke itself, the nicotine and the stains. I started to hate it that I even sounded like my best friend and my sisters who used to scold me during those days. Oh well, people change.

What is this?

One day, I just started babbling, what to do? What to do? It’s because I’m freaking craving for a smoke, after the long years of living without it. I think I’ll be out of my sanity if I don’t. I just needed to. This scenario of panicking to grab a stick was triggered, simply because I was watching videos of T.O.P. and GDragon smoking during their after party in Taipei. And I was freaking shouting like a teenager, Oh My God! How can smoking be so sexy? How can their cigarettes look so yummy? I was being crazy and all that for a minute I forgot I’m not a teenager any more. That I’m a parent who needs to be a role model and that I have a health condition that will be severed if I smoke.

All the while I was thinking, T.O.P. and GDragon can be great endorsers of cigarettes. Each puff is sexy enough to make you say, can I try? And each time the cigarette smoke comes out of their lips, you will definitely say, you can blow them all to me. Goodness gracious! What am I doing? I’m making myself sound so childish amidst my age. Well, I just have to share this. Really! Because it’s the first time since I quit that I allowed myself to be tempted (take note: they are not even right in front of me..) to light a cigarette and place it in my lips. Don’t worry! I’m totally fine and nobody knew it but you, and wasn’t able to finish the whole stick either. I just had to do it, to eventually stop the crazy craving! T.O.P. and GDragon you two were amazing and one of a kind, making something deadly so sexy and tempting is cloud nine. Terrific.

I felt great to know that I am still human, *wink*  I can still get tempted. But it’s just for that moment where I allowed myself to be overly excited and experience a manic episode. Lets try not to be carried away by our extreme emotions (I should only tell this to myself). Still this doesn’t mean that I’ll stop following T.O.P. and BIGBANG, smoking is a choice and soon they will be able to choose a different option.


Photo Credit: To their rightful owners.

My faith: Spirit. Earnest Desire. Truth.


15 - 1 (4)

Finally, it came to me that worshiping God is like coming out of a dark tunnel into a beautiful paradise. When I’m struggling to fight for the light while in that dark tunnel, I cry out for God’s presence, and ask Him to meet and save me. I plead to Him to pour His spirit over me. After all the crying out and pleading for His presence, I got discouraged so fast. It’s because I thought that after all those prayers asking for help and seeking for His protection, nothing happened. I turned my back on Him, thinking I could make it without His words and help, but I was wrong. Everything went bad and the dark tunnel where I used to be became more darker than it has been. Every day became more difficult and painful to endure, as every struggle came after the other, like how waves rush to the shore.

I became devastated! As if nothing could be of help to me. On a regular day of me battling these battles of life, finances, business and faith, a thought came to mind. A thought that made me remember the moments I cried my heart out to God and asked help, are the moments where the tunnel still have tiny rays of lights from tiny holes. I cried and seek for His forgiveness, realizing that a dark tunnel with tiny rays of light is better than the darker one I am in right now. I seek for His word, the truth of God’s word: John 4:24 24 “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” I contemplated on this and realized that if all I have is earnest desire but no truth in my prayers or vice versa, I can desire all I want but won’t be able to go anywhere, instead I would be staying in the same place I am, and loosing every inch of hope and faith. Faith in God needs spirit, earnest desire and truth altogether.

I started praying for the spirit to come upon me and bless me with the right desires and to enlighten my mind as well as open my heart for the truth of God’s words. All at God’s right time, prayers are answered. My faith made me endure every challenge life is to throw at me.