1. ivor20 says:

    Quicksand is an intriguing concept …. and thank you Kaz (?) for following my blog/website, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I am from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.
    Oh .. Here is my ‘Quicksand’ poem

    “Beyond the Swallowing Quicksand”

    My body is beginning to tire
    And I am in need of a new fire

    Beyond the swallowing quicksand
    Here now, I surely stand
    Resurrected, upon solid ground
    And what a maze destiny’s unwound

    Inside my fading mind
    Lays an old silver mine
    Of tunnels yet to be found
    Where unused treasures abound
    Awaiting a silent command
    From my lost soul’s dreamland

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    1. kazelee28 says:

      Hi Ivor, Kaze here. From Asia.☺️ Thank you for reading mine too. The joy I find in words is inexplainable. They are complicated but comforting.πŸ˜…

      “Inside my fading mind
      Lays an old silver mine” love this!

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      1. ivor20 says:

        Thank You for your kind reply Kaze 😊

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      2. kazelee28 says:


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