8th letter

To that one person, I know you are not reading this, but still be patient with me. There are certain things I cannot tell the people close to me, and I just needed someone I could send my messages. Even though I know you basically, you are still a stranger to me because we’ve never…

6th letter

To that one person, I know you may not be able to read this. But hoping that among the millions of people, this can make its way to you. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this battle. I know you are sad and down, so I won’t tell…

Who Am I?

I looked in the mirror and found out that I was looking to a faceless woman. Did I become like this because I forgot who am I? Or because I am really a nobody? Did I forget who I am because I was busy looking after who you should be? I’ve been bugged by these…

Wanting to be Alone

I want to be alone!(so sad😵 I can’t!) Not because I’m lonely but I just needed time for myself(I really do!😢). We all need this at some point in our lives. To listen to what we can’t hear when we are with everybody else. I needed this, to find tranquility and heal myself in silence….

My Comfort Zone: Denial!

This complicated feeling of pain, I’m frightened to understand. Because the knowledge of clarity and truth will sink my heart in despair. © 2016 KazeLeeG.


Exhausted But still wide awake. Drained But still moving. Thoughts are running, Chasing dreams away. Remained awake Till everybody wakes. Insomnia, Give me a break. I’ll do whatever it takes.   ©KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: @choi_seung_hyun_tttop      

Kill Joy

Don’t ruin the night; please! It’s one of a kind; Allow me to to have fun. I know you are irritated;  It’s because of how I am acting now; But please it’s not all the time. Don’t ruin the night,  I request you to please make tonight a possibility, And I would thank you for…

Please make me fall asleep

As I toss myself to sleep I request you like I always do In this cold night without someone to make it warm; As I entertain what I feel, Yet no words can be what I mean; Sing it to me; Give melody to the words I needed And I ask you Please make me fall asleep….