In our lifetime, we build many castles, from sand castles to mansions we call our homes. They all have a general purpose; to safeguard, comfort and protect ourselves and those we love. But the best castle we should be building is the castle in our hearts. Where we can cherish and protect the memories and…

Rise Again

Often times, without warning, disaster strikes our lives, putting our abilities to endure. And recover from the aftermath of this crisis. But what is important is our capacities to persevere to rise again. When we fall to continue our pursuits even if the odds are against us. We become better persons when we do so….

Femme Fatale

If I tempt you, Would you be tempted? If I ask you to come, Would you come? If I ask you to leave her, Would you have the courage? Please……. say, Yes! © 2016 KazeLeeG.

Life as we see it

Life as we see it. It is our own box of chocolates. Full of surprises. Full of vibrant colours. And a taste full of blast. Life as how we perceive it. With expectations and surprises from the unexpected. Sometimes the best of it comes along with the worst. Good over bad. Life as we wanted…