Wheel of Life


Most often than not,

the path through life holds

many uncertainties, disappointments and pain.

But equally, it also holds love, laughter and happiness.

Hence it is up to you to provide the balance,

wherein which would prevail.

For your life is largely under your control

and directions steered by yourself.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.

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Love and Picture


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words,

and that some words are beyond description.

Like love, laughter and happiness.

To me, you are worth more than a picture and words put together.

Just the way you are…..

©2016 KazeLeeG.

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I have traveled far and wide in my lifetime

Seen faces and places beyond my share

But of all the people I’ve met; 

You have lingered the most in my memory;

For everywhere I went I miss your presence.

And in every person I meet, there is a comparison of you

You are by far the most relevant person

In my life.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.

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I’m like a Ghost



I exist.

No one noticed.

Though I’m just here.

Yet they can’t see.

Screaming for help,

nobody hears.

They walked passing me.

My presence just like air.

Tap at their backs,

they can’t feel.

Their lives continued like

the wheel rolling from the hill.

Yes I exist,

but I’m living like 

I’m a ghost.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.

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Impossible Love

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You’re sitting next to me, 

Just an inch apart

Exchanging glances,

And hidden smiles

It’s too heartbreaking

You can’t be mine

But still I hope for the impossible love.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.

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