No Expectations

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Presumed guilty before proven innocent the unwilling participant Assume the best and prepare for the worst Expectation costs nothing but disappointment hurts © Kait King, 2015

9th letter

To that one person, I am wondering how have you been lately. If you missed my stories? or are you even wondering whether I am fine or not? hehe I hope you are always fine, healthy and comfortable. I apologize for I am not able to send you letters recently; I got so hooked up…

1st Letter

  To that one person who inspired me the most, Hi! I am Kaze from somewhere in Asia and we haven’t met. Because you are someone in the limelight that’s why I know you and I am just so ordinary and that does not matter at all. I’m aware not everyone is comfortable to receive…

It’s been awhile

To all of my friends, how is everyone doing lately? I guess we haven’t heard much from each other lately. I was in hiatus for quite sometime because a lot had transpired. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be back again, visiting your pages and just like before share stories and ideas…

Wheel of Life

Most often than not, the path through life holds many uncertainties, disappointments and pain. But equally, it also holds love, laughter and happiness. Hence it is up to you to provide the balance, wherein which would prevail. For your life is largely under your control and directions steered by yourself. © 2016 KazeLeeG. Photo Source:…


Kpop is more than it seems. If you’ll see them without the spotlight shining down on them, then for sure you’ll understand why we love them.😍😘 -KazeLeeG. Photo Source: Pinterest

HE is with us

We were never alone. God had always been with us since day 1 of our lives. Never let go of Him.😇 -KazeLeeG.

Life as we see it

Life as we see it. It is our own box of chocolates. Full of surprises. Full of vibrant colours. And a taste full of blast. Life as how we perceive it. With expectations and surprises from the unexpected. Sometimes the best of it comes along with the worst. Good over bad. Life as we wanted…