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9th letter


To that one person,

I am wondering how have you been lately. If you missed my stories? or are you even wondering whether I am fine or not? hehe I hope you are always fine, healthy and comfortable. I apologize for I am not able to send you letters recently; I got so hooked up with the mess I was in for the past weeks. Nobody knew how much I cried that night. It’s as if the fires of hell was on me. How have you been? I just hope you could comfort me right now. One tight hug from you would be enough, enough to make me feel better and gain the strength to fight again for tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know, I may be in trouble but I never forgot you; I am still here somewhere. I still exist.


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Who Am I?

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I looked in the mirror and found out that I was looking to a faceless woman. Did I become like this because I forgot who am I? Or because I am really a nobody? Did I forget who I am because I was busy looking after who you should be?

I’ve been bugged by these questions. Will I actually know who I am if I let you go? What will I do now? Is self time and importance a must?


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Only in my Heart



You’re settled now

With a bride and a vow

I’m committed too

To a man who is true

Did we agree to end things this way?

Not to see each other and stay far away

When I look back to our years together

I linger to the memory I gather

When things became this worse          

I lost my only friend in a curse

Whenever our eyes meet                        

My heart tends to raise its beat

Only in my heart                                            

I kept your warmth

Only in my heart

I kept the pain of being apart

Only in my heart    

I hoped in your life I could take part.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.

Artwork by: Yaniyan2