I’m like a Ghost

  I exist. No one noticed. Though I’m just here. Yet they can’t see. Screaming for help, nobody hears. They walked passing me. My presence just like air. Tap at their backs, they can’t feel. Their lives continued like the wheel rolling from the hill. Yes I exist, but I’m living like  I’m a ghost….

Still I’m Lonely

Being together is not enough. Please give time to care and put words into action. I’m with you, I love you and you love me, still it makes me feel lonely.😞😢 © 2016 KazeLeeG.


Why is it like this? Wishing for insanity Take me far from here. © 2016 KazeLeeG.

Who Am I?

I looked in the mirror and found out that I was looking to a faceless woman. Did I become like this because I forgot who am I? Or because I am really a nobody? Did I forget who I am because I was busy looking after who you should be? I’ve been bugged by these…


Me..😢  -KazeLeeG.

Behind that Smile

Sometimes what’s in the outside is not really what’s waiting for us inside. We should be sensitive enough to feel what the other person is going through.  Sometimes it’s not easy for them to speak up. But by letting them feel that we understand through our silence, it’s more than enough. Have a great day!…


The years spent, wasted over pride. The pride that made you changed your warmth. The warmth, that gave life to this ride. This ride that headed towards life’s greatest destinations, destinations where forever and happy endings are bound. But you were no longer with me. You left long before I noticed. Pride blinded me; I…


  Alone, I wake up to a brand new day. I sit on the dining table and eat. I walk in circles in the house. I listened to classical music that made me cry. Alone, my tears fell. I cried my heart out. I shouted for help, but nobody came. Alone, I pampered and comforted…