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A Reflection on Pride


Well, let me start this (it’s always hard for me to start) by telling you that I’m not into blogging really. I just needed an outlet to let out all my contained feelings as of that moment. I started posting in this site last month, I tried to make it look nice for myself (I wasn’t really expecting someone would be reading them!) then started putting into words what I feel. That’s it! But this is not what I reflected on.

Earlier today I was really flattered when I checked on my mobile phone and saw the wordpress notification and that I received a comment from a certified blogger (of course! Not someone like me). I read his comments then immediately checked his page as well. I didn’t start the reading; instead I was scanning through titles (I crave for titles!!) Then there’s this one that caught my attention (because it’s Korean!) and started reading “Kamsahamnida”, thank you in English.

Wow! I guess this one’s longer than my previous posts. Oh well, to make this one shorter than it should be. Here it goes, that blogger and I had a little chit chat, and he mentioned that he has no pride that’s why he is not pretentious (this made me think few things, big time!).

I reflected on that statement of him; because I am amused of how honest and bold he is to write everything without sugar coating. Then later on I came into a realization that it’s because he wrote everything out of pure innocence from his emotions. I had to reflect on this! I really do. Primarily because I have issues with my pride and because of that I can’t write what is supposed to be written (my feelings, experiences and my nonsense stuffs!).  This page was originally created so that I can just express everything, rants, grudges, love, doubt and all. But what happened recently was that, when I started typing with my fingers shaking from the intensity of what I am feeling, right before I publish it, I tell myself oopps!! (Then I started to calm down) Review! Re-read and refine your words, I tell myself. So, this blog doesn’t serve its purpose since the day I got conscious of how I speak my mind (most of the time exaggerated and just exaggerated!).

Though my posts before this one were all true to what I feel, however, they were all constructed with finesse that they would come out nice and soft toned (though that’s really me, but in a little more exaggerated tone!). Thanks to my new Korean-American blogger friend. I got to reflect on this and be back to where I really started, to speak my mind and heart. Have a great day!

Check the blogger I’m referring to.

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