8th letter

To that one person, I know you are not reading this, but still be patient with me. There are certain things I cannot tell the people close to me, and I just needed someone I could send my messages. Even though I know you basically, you are still a stranger to me because we’ve never…

Thank you!

I was feeling so low for the past few days. Writing beautiful and inspiring stuffs became so difficult. Nothing would come out but feelings of pain and despair. I never had anyone to talk about my struggles, until I started blogging. I would like to shout to the world that it’s an honour and I’m…

Me Dying

In the sea of grief, I found myself drowning. © 2016 KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: T.O.P. @choi_seung_hyun_tttop

Soup No. 8

This bowl of soup we shared on a cold night. The only witness to our fight. The soup that’s patiently boiled in medium heat. Like my heart enduringly waiting to calm its every beat. Soup No. 8 The only spectator to that love hate.   ©KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: To its rightful owner


Exhausted But still wide awake. Drained But still moving. Thoughts are running, Chasing dreams away. Remained awake Till everybody wakes. Insomnia, Give me a break. I’ll do whatever it takes.   ©KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: @choi_seung_hyun_tttop      


  Alone, I wake up to a brand new day. I sit on the dining table and eat. I walk in circles in the house. I listened to classical music that made me cry. Alone, my tears fell. I cried my heart out. I shouted for help, but nobody came. Alone, I pampered and comforted…