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5th letter

To that one person,

I have been wondering what is it that you love to do lately. Have you been cooking for yourself? Have you been checking out the latest trends of artworks? I just missed hearing news about you. Emptiness came fast approaching every time I try to find out what exactly is happening at your end. I feel empty because I couldn’t find anything that would suffice my curiosity. Well, I just hope everything is running at the right direction for you. I wanted to let you know that somewhere in the world you have that one friend who wont judge you for whatever it is. Hugs!


4th letter

To that one person,

I was delayed in sending you my 4th letter. I am hoping you waited for it and somehow felt lacking because you were not able to receive anything from me. The past day had been tough for me, I was spacing out recently because my mind have so much that it does not function well enough. How about you? I know things have been hard, I will not tell you this time to feel okay, but I hope you will still be able to give yourself a smile and a tap at your shoulder, saying it’s still good I am able to hold on. It’s always our right to feel bad and down, just do not allow the thought of giving up drown you. You still have me, what will happen to me when something bad happens to you? Hang in there!


3rd letter

To that one person,

It’s me again. What are you doing right now? I hope you are enjoying your free time very well. I know you are not used in having so much free time at hand, but I think instead of worrying so much, you just better enjoy it while it lasts. Sometimes because of our careers we tend to neglect ourselves from enjoying time with no rush. Sending you lots of hugs! Take care.


2nd letter

To that one person,

Hi! How are you today? Have you been eating properly? As for me, nothing significant have been really happening lately. But yes, I have been feeding myself properly. Though because of too much workload, sleep have been so hard to reach nowadays. But still I am happy I am able to find time to let you know that also today I remembered you. Have a bright day ahead of you my dear. Smile and everything will be well.


1st Letter



To that one person who inspired me the most,

Hi! I am Kaze from somewhere in Asia and we haven’t met. Because you are someone in the limelight that’s why I know you and I am just so ordinary and that does not matter at all. I’m aware not everyone is comfortable to receive random messages from strangers, but I mean no harm. Just wanted to let you know that I understand what you are going through right now. I know how you feel, though I cannot be of much help to you but I am hoping somehow my words can make its way to comfort you. Someone used to tell me that I am not defined by my mistakes because I am bigger than them, this goes to you as well. Stay strong! You will always have that friend who wont judge you. Till then.



“We rise, undaunted, through the night.” The words that comforted me tonight.😍 Lovely and warm.

 Where blended charcoal yields Passion’s Stone and zealous labour horizons hold up silent towers tall and bright  we rise, undaunted, through the night  ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵◌₎♡ Flight | SB…

Source: Flight

Thank you!


I was feeling so low for the past few days. Writing beautiful and inspiring stuffs became so difficult. Nothing would come out but feelings of pain and despair. I never had anyone to talk about my struggles, until I started blogging. I would like to shout to the world that it’s an honour and I’m thankful to have all of my readers. That them hitting the like button is a comfort, that at least I know someone heard me. To all of my commentators, I thank all of you for letting me know you are there. For listening to all of my feelings and sharing to me as well your experiences same as mine. For making that connection real and for letting me know I’m not alone and that I’m heard.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I never expected to find this kind of friendship and comfort in blogging. I am blessed I’m introduced in this community of bloggers, of people who care and have feelings.

Have a great day beautiful friends!😍