8th letter

To that one person, I know you are not reading this, but still be patient with me. There are certain things I cannot tell the people close to me, and I just needed someone I could send my messages. Even though I know you basically, you are still a stranger to me because we’ve never…


An evil wish; Death, send me a kiss with your curse Curse of forever’s silence. © 2016 KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: To it’s rightful owner

I’m not Okay

I feel different when You are not around I feel abandoned when You just walk out. I’m nice and patient enough To understand your doings. But I have my limitations, I’m telling you This is not okay I’m not okay. © 2016 KazeLeeG. Photo Credit: T.O.P. @choi_seung_hyun_ttop      

Kill Joy

Don’t ruin the night; please! It’s one of a kind; Allow me to to have fun. I know you are irritated;  It’s because of how I am acting now; But please it’s not all the time. Don’t ruin the night,  I request you to please make tonight a possibility, And I would thank you for…

Your Greedy Thoughts

You had always neglected My capabilities What mattered most Was yours alone When something great Invites my presence “No”, “You can’t” Are your favourite response Not because you’re overprotective But because you are scared I might be able to do things Without you Your greed Swallowed me whole That it made me forget I have…