Happy Mother’s Day

To all the loving moms out there, Happy Mother’s day!😍💞💋     Source: Google


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Fire within burning. Forces fight to cool me down. I’ll dance in the storm. ? *Inspired by a candle in the wind (image by Ruben Van Dijk of Freeimages.com)

10 Love Coupons Worth Creating for Every Couple.

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Okay, I know what you are thinking. Love Coupons. Come on. How corny can you get ?! And I do not blame you at all since a few months back even I was on the same boat as you. However, these “coupons” do come in real handy when…

Having fun with After Effects

Chape Fitness Good morning, wonderful people! Today, I´m not going to describe any exercise. I´m playing with After Effects and a bunch of videos. Apparently, you can do almost anything with AE. These are my first attempts 🙂 I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, or tips if you use AE! If you wonder…


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“Choose your inner circle of friends wisely because stupidity is known to have an intractable contagion effect.” -The Little Mermaid, MMXVI


“We rise, undaunted, through the night.” The words that comforted me tonight.😍 Lovely and warm.  Where blended charcoal yields Passion’s Stone and zealous labour horizons hold up silent towers tall and bright  we rise, undaunted, through the night  ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵◌₎♡ Flight | SB… Source: Flight


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? The four o’clock poem Has struck again When once the words Poured out during My morning shower They now prod me awake After a restless, useless sleep And here I am Tapping away Peering in dismay At the pre-dawn computer screen Overly-bright Wrecking my sight Of not only the words…

A Link to a Blog that Tickles your imagination

Bring back yourself to the younger years, your school days in college. This blog never failed to give me a smile, a hearty laugh and a thought left in my mind, what if? The wit and the naughtiness, amazing character creation. Wanted to relax and enjoy? Visit the PorterGirl and her Creative College Adventures. Here…