BIGBANG Lessons in Life # 1


I once said, it’s fine not to dream, no one could give me what I want anyways. Well, that changed! And yes, nobody could grant me my dreams but myself. These beautiful lads had 10 times more than my hardships, but they never ceased dreaming. Of course they worked hard for it, with tears and blood mixed with sweat of all sorts of efforts. Dreams are goals, and you have to give your best, time, your all and yourself to be able to chase and catch it. I never had the efforts (because I was too lazy!😁) that’s why I stopped dreaming back then. Now I know what I want, what I really dreamed of and I’m exhausting all possibilities to make it happen😍 It will!

How about you? Do you believe that dreams come true? That they are just an effort away? I’d love to hear them, tell me..😚


Photo Source: Pinterest


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