Wanting to be Alone


I want to be alone!(so sad😡 I can’t!) Not because I’m lonely but I just needed time for myself(I really do!😒). We all need this at some point in our lives. To listen to what we can’t hear when we are with everybody else. I needed this, to find tranquility and heal myself in silence.

To those who feel pressured at something or by someone (like me!), take a break! (Please do if you canπŸ˜‰) Take one step back and relax. All will be well at its own time (I believe this. It will!). Have a good day friends😘




13 thoughts on “Wanting to be Alone

  1. As an INTP, alone time is my absolute lifeblood. I hate when people think alone is a bad thing, especially people glued to electronics all the time. But that’s just me. πŸ™‚ (And yes, it took me two very long, arduous, mistake-filled decades to learn that little lesson.)

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    1. I’ve never met an INTP before, I’m glad you dropped by today to share your thoughts about being alone. That’s true, some people think being alone is the same as being lonely and that it’s bad to be alone. I think otherwise, being alone is an expression of how satisfied and happy you are with yourselfπŸ˜‰

      It’s nice to know you learned it already.😊

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