My Comfort Zone: Denial!


This complicated feeling of pain, I’m frightened to understand.

Because the knowledge of clarity and truth will sink my heart in despair.

© 2016 KazeLeeG.


9 thoughts on “My Comfort Zone: Denial!

    1. That is so true!😊
      I hope I could have the courage to hear the dreadful truth and turn my back from the sweetest lies.😢
      As of this very moment, it’s just so hard. I prayed, I’m praying and will always pray..😇


  1. Funny you write what you do, for I have been experiencing flash backs of moments in my past that are truly horrendous, leaving me a cold sweat. Like you all I know how to do is pray and keep praying through until they stop. The Truth shall set you free, yet, that Truth sometimes is enough to send you over the edge. Hang in there, friend!!! I use certain prayers that bring Peace to my Being. I don’t stop saying them until those memories are gone. (((HUGS))) ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I envy you, for that horrible moment is all a part of your past. I am living with it everyday. And I agree with you that the truth is enough to send me over the edge. Though I really haven’t heard how terrifying this truth is for today, I just know that hearing it would send me a wave of panick and sweat.
      I’ll do it! I’ll pray harder and I’ll try to convince myself that I needed to face it, accept hurt and betrayal maybe, then at the end of the crying, I hope to pick up myself again and move on (easier said than done, really!). Thank you for the warm words friend😘 it’s comforting to know someone listens..😍

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      1. Facing the darkness is a must in order to move forward with Peace, yet it is up to us to make that pivotal decision to climb out of the darkness that has you in a death grip. I don’t know if you have seen my post today, but it just may help you. Know I wrote it because of the deep turmoil I have been in dealing with those who have hurt me so badly. ❤

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      2. Hi friend!😊 I’ve seen it but I checked it again, this time with my heart reading it.
        “knowledge that somehow
        the one who hurt
        will understand
        not to commit
        that hurt again.”
        These words are exactly what I needed. Thank you friend!😍

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