Crazy Mad for K-pop

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I’ve been a fan since k-pop started. I really love their music. The arrangement and the lyrics (with subtitles of course!). Every time I listen to K-pop songs, I feel elated (for real!😁). Especially the songs of my most loved K-pop group, Big Bang (😍). I can feel the emotions their songs are sending.Β 

And now, I think I’m obsessing myself to K-pop. Yeah you heard it right! (Exaggerates!πŸ˜…) Obsessed! Really!!

I’ve been researching a lot about K-pop, particularly Big Bang. All articles written about them, I always give time to read. Their life stories, their training days, the food they eat and I watch every single documentary clip uploaded in the internet (crazy huh?!). What’s more crazy is that I watch them not only twice but three times in a day (oh well!).Β 

Oh My! And what’s even crazier than this obsession is that I’m pressuring myself to memorize Big Bang’s songs (which all in Korean!😊). It’s difficult, I have to admit that. Korean pronounciations are superb! You pronounce it wrong, that would already mean another thing. Well, well, that’s enough for today (in a hurry to watch them again).

Currently watching Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby. Here’s the video with subtitles on, so you can catch up with what’s the song’s message.

How about you? What are your obsessions?

Let me know what are they. I’m curious!πŸ˜†

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  1. Welcome to the crazy world of kpop πŸ˜‰ you will never be bored haha but it’s basically impossible to keep up with trends… I’m still stuck in the kpop period of 4 years ago… all that is more recent is confusing eh eh

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    1. kazelee28 says:

      Thank you…😍 True!😊 since I started a few months ago, I’m never bored.. I know! The trends are fast and really it’s impossible to keep up with it.. oh my! I’m glad I’m able to connect with someone that have the same interests as mine…πŸ˜‰

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      1. Because I can’t keep up (more than enough other things to do hehe) I’m going back in time instead and I started listening to 90’s kpop ^^

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      2. kazelee28 says:

        That’s true! There are more other things to do. This makes me feel guilty about my son.. I’ll check 90’s kpop, I’m curious and interested to know the personalities of 90’s kpop..😊

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