That Friend of Mine


That friend of mine;

Usually ignored and neglected.

Voice unheard and unrecognized.

That friend of mine;

Who dreamt of better life.

A life where her plans

To be acknowledged.

That friend of mine;

Who just cries at the kitchen corner.

Where her tears are unseen.

That friend of mine;

Who accepts all the blame and shame.

Even it wasn’t her idea that failed.

That friend of mine;

Whose goals are for everyone’s benefit.

But always being accused of the claim.

That friend of mine;

Who never had her fair share of fame.

Receiving only all the rejections and blame.

That friend of mine;

Who was actually loved,

But was not given a chance.

A chance to be her actual self,

To prove her brilliant ideas.

These words; “That friend of mine”;

Are the words usually used in her stories.

To make sure she’s not being revealed.

That friend of mine;

A dummy which became the lead role,

of tragic stories in life.

That friend of mine;

Are words that comforted her expressions.

That friend of mine;

Who is actually me.

Me and my unheard voice,

seeking for recognition.

Still curled up behind the words,

“That friend of mine;”


© 2016 KazeLeeG.

Photo Credit: @choi_seung_hyun_tttop




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  1. shayanhu says:

    You have very good conduct of phases and words, but i mean get some reasonable meaning. A girl like you does not want to be in reign, a reign is for some brilliant people who has better ideas, maybe not about life, life is , lots of times, some little things. Thosepeople knows more about themselves, peoplearound the them, and in large, the world. Read story like Tempest, like the figure Prosparol. Thanks for sharing though., Kaze. Keep K tones, i like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kazelee28 says:

      Hi..😊 wow!😳 thank you for being my first critique, I appreciate it. This would help me improve myself in this craft. It just got into my senses, that “reign” isn’t the appropriate word for that, because I can’t even rule over myself, thanks to you.. I need to find what’s appropriate for it then,😁 thanks..😆👍


  2. sahilbhambri says:

    That friend of yours is you , nice, talking to yourself and introspecting stuff , that pain when you come to know, there’s no one but you whom you sharing these feelings with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kazelee28 says:

      Hi!😊 true! I have no one else to share these bitter feelings but myself..😆 But I’m glad I have you guys to share it with, at least.😃 thank you..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sahilbhambri says:

        No need of thanks :), keep sharing the good work :6

        Liked by 1 person

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