Source: T.O.P. ©choi_seung_hyun_tttop

The years spent, wasted over pride.

The pride that made you changed your warmth.

The warmth, that gave life to this ride.

This ride that headed towards life’s greatest destinations,

destinations where forever and happy endings are bound.

But you were no longer with me.

You left long before I noticed.

Pride blinded me; I haven’t even felt the changes until you are gone.

I wanted to hold you back, but I was too late.

I wanted to tell you that I needed you, but it was too late.

I wanted to ask you to please stay, but everything was too late.

Too late to fix what has been destroyed.

Too late to let you know how sorry I was.

Would I be allowed to have another chance?

A chance that would turn everything around,

A chance for me to tell you;

Will you please stay?


Stay with me.




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