BIGBANG – it’s not just the music, but their stories. The members have their own stories to tell. Stories of both failure and success. They are inspirations for the young aspirants of today’s new generation. They are boys in skinny jeans, heavy eyeliner and with vivacious choreography. When we see them, we know it’s K-Pop. Many westerners and those from other sides of the globe think that Korea’s mainstream music genre is tacky and mushy, especially people from my country. They just didn’t realize that K-Pop is one factor of Korea’s transformation. This industry is boosting Korea’s economy in plenty ways, not just one. Tourism. Food. Education. Culture. And BIGBANG is one of the most influential K-Pop group that called the attention of many from different continents.

Watch out for their Hunan TV New Year’s Eve Concert to be held in Beijing National Stadium which will be aired all over China and is the official representative of New Year’s Special Countdown which will be watched by 1.1 billion viewers on December 31st. Lets continue in supporting them.

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