Wedding Ring

15 - 1 (3)

Friends fell for each other, is what they said our story was. For me, you are meant to meet me on the very day that we met. You are meant to exchange greetings with me. When I met you, I knew it from the start, I found my forever. I used to believe that forever is only found in fairy tales. I never thought that one day I would be starting a journey to my own fairy tale of forever. My friend, My best friend, My partner in crime, My lover and My soul mate. These things are what you are to me.

I know wedding rings are not that important for others, but it is for me. They said, wedding rings are just material things, that can be actually replaced by a more expensive ones when misplaced. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I don’t think the same. A wedding ring, is the only material thing, that I don’t want to be replaced. It’s the most important thing that symbolizes the start of my fairy tale. Our wedding ring, the only tangible sign of our love for each other (a thought that I always have!).

The little things are the ones always being neglected. Remember; big things start from small ones. Treasure even the tiniest material that stands in for your relationship right now. For when you are already in the middle of your journey to forever, you’ll have those things to remind you of how everything began, during those Once upon a time.

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