The Journey of a wife and mother as Bigbang T.O.P.’s follower

Choi Seung Hyun known as T.O.P. of BigBang

As I surf the web looking for something interesting I saw an article that talked about the biography of one of the members of a South Korean boy band and how this member was as a person prior his involvement with an entertainment company. What caught my attention with this article was the statement saying: “He was originally rejected by the record label, which deemed him too chubby to fit the idealistic version of an idol.”Just by mere looking at him, no one would believe he was once rejected. It made me more curious every single day about the story of his success, because I wanted to share his story to my son who is also chubby and who also wanted to be in the music industry how inspiring and how determination pushed him to achieve his dreams. This also caused the start of my journey, from just being curious how he got where he is right now, then being a regular into reading more articles written about him, his success stories, his struggles and watching his interview clips, random videos and documentaries.

This now became a habit eventually became a routine, a routine where right after attending all the needs of my precious boys and before doing anything else, I make it a point to check on what’s up with him. I started learning his country’s language; this is to better understand him when he utters words that are not in the subtitles provided. His unique voice while telling his stories became my tranquilizer. He became an additional dose to my regular intake of my vitamins; my husband and son. A seasoning that added flavour to the main dish, called life of a wife and mother.

My everyday starts with cuddles from my husband and son. Preparing stuffs that the two most important beings in my life needs to start their day. After all have been settled with my boys, next thing would be is to watch him on V Live and check out what’s new and latest about him and his band members as well on Naver. Whether there are new video clips or not, I still always start my day this way, even with just old uploaded videos. Additional to the cuddles and love I get from my boys, his smile and silly jokes make me start my day right. His music gave me energy to last a day without my boys. Listening to him and his group members sing, gives me endless thoughts of how happy life is. A lot from what I wrote where random thoughts I had while listening to him and his members.

I may sound absurd and all, because of my age I know it’s a bit odd and that I am also a happily married lady and a mother to a loving son, but in honesty, if I never had the chance to come across that article on the web, I would have been the same boring person I was. I know how to laugh and joke around but I never get the feel of being excited and to have fun. He gave me another reason to enjoy life and have fun like a teenager. Enjoy life like how he and his group members enjoy it. Have fun like a teenager, because I sound like a teenager who screams for their most wanted K-Pop Idol. These stuffs became exciting and fun for me, because as an adult facing plenty of life’s challenges, I tend to forget my struggles when I watch him and his group members perform, also I feel calmed when I listen to their music.

My husband is a little older than I do, he is not the serious type of person (he is funny in plenty ways, actually!) but he is very loving and hard working; however, the things he get to enjoy are not of what makes me excited. So we don’t go along well with stuffs like these. My husband and I just get along well when it comes to matters and concerns about our precious son. And when it comes to my son, I have all the patience for him, but sometimes I don’t get along well with his stuffs either, because I’m an old school and he doesn’t like it that much.

After reading that article and when I started to give interest to this particular member of a K-Pop male group, a lot changed. I started to listen to a different music genre, Hip-Hop. My boys are also into Hip-Hop music, where before this genre sounded a bit like noise to me, instead of hearing it as music. Now, I’m a Hip-Hop fan and my boys were happy about it. I started to get interests in travel, where I originally don’t give time. I also started to believe that talent can be acquired; through the help of certain academies that offer workshops. This member I got interested in is not really into dancing, but when I watch him perform, he can actually nail it. And all these changes made my relationship to my boys’ way better than before. Now, all the three of us listen to his solo music and to his group’s music as well. What’s even funnier is that my boys joined me in my journey of learning their language, and converse with it every day (though we really sound funny and weird).

To cut the chase out of this, my journey of becoming a loyal fan of Choi Seung-hyun better known by his stage name T.O.P. started. A journey that even it’s inappropriate for my age today, I wanted to continue. A journey that made my family ties more fun and exciting. A journey that will make me tell my friends, it’s possible to look up into someone and be inspired from their works and stories. A journey in which adults or married ladies could walk through without being ashamed of themselves. A journey that plenty others are into as well and where plenty share the same thoughts and feelings.

The journey I had that I won’t be embarrassed of.

The journey that I’m proud to share.

The journey still continues….


Photo Source: T.O.P. @choi_seung_hyun_tttop

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