A Proud Self


I am the eldest of four children, among the four I am the only one who looks different. I have a different body build, a darker colour, I have different hair strands. I grew up knowing that my features were different from the family I have. Relatives often tease me, saying I am adopted, or I got switched from the hospital. At that young age, of course, I felt uncomfortable and I hated what I looked like. I struggled to show my relatives what I have that my siblings don’t. Well, my siblings were all pretty and handsome, as if they were made from a perfected sculpted wood by an artist. The only thing I had more than them was my overflowing confidence of charm. We were all confident, but mine was exaggerated. I always think no one could ever say “NO” to my charms, that’s the only thing I have that no one could overpower. You might be wondering, how can I be that confident when I grew up being teased as the ugly duckling (I am not really! it’s just because my siblings were too pretty). Well, that’s one thing I wanted to know too. One day I just woke up feeling all beautiful by myself, then it’s what others can see too. Since that day, I had always been proud to be different! If you are different amongst your group, you know too well, there’s something in you too that they don’t have and be proud of it.

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